Business Coaching

Business Coaching

At One Small Step we provide an insightful, comprehensive and practical Business Coaching service to Team Leaders, Supervisors and Management. Our invaluable experience of working in a real business environment; combined with years of training and problem solving places us in the ideal position to assess, evaluate, identify and address problems and practices that are holding back your business and staff. We look closely at motivation, personnel and team goals, individual development and performance and other important influencing factors. From these observations we will help you improve, optimize and build on your staff’s motivation, efficiency and performance which will feed directly into the success of your company.

How We Can Help

  • Sales Training
  • 1-2-1 Agent Observation and Feedback
  • Team Leader / Supervisor Training

Team Leader / Supervisor Training

It’s not too difficult to pass on instructions, tell people what to do and tell them what is expected of them. Getting the results you want is a different matter. Communication and the skill to positively motivate a team is the key to being a great Team Leader / Supervisor. As many of us can be unaware of how we come across to others, what is often required is an objective point of view and a Coaching session with One Small Step will provide this. We will help you constructively address and remedy areas of concern, develop your strengths and to successfully use these skills to lead a more motivated, enthusiastic and productive team. One Small Step Coaching offers coaching sessions to Team Leaders and Supervisors to improve their communication and people skills.
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1-2-1 Agent Observation and Feedback

The best way to understand how someone is doing their job is to observe them whilst they are doing it. At One Small Step Coaching we conduct 1-2-1 observation sessions and provide both oral and written feedback. The feedback is based not only on the monitored calls but also on the before call preparation, follow up procedures and time management. We look at and assess this in terms of accepted and proven best practice. 1-2-1 coaching helps promote individual development by focusing and building on positive practices while identifying and reversing areas of weakness. As a result, individual motivation and job satisfaction are improved, resulting in greater job performance and helping to retain top performers.
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Sales Training

When selling, preparation and approach combined with a sales agent’s attitude and personality are what seal the deal. All companies have guidelines but it is a sales agent’s motivation and personality that helps them to sell the product or service. Product knowledge is never enough as the sales process always involves so much more. At One Small Step Coaching we understand the need to keep your Sales staff up to date and motivated and so we offer group Sales Training within your place of business. Here we will focus on key areas for successful sales including Research, Preparation, Delivery and Adaptability of Sales Pitch, Identifying and Engaging key stakeholders, Positive Interaction and most importantly; Motivation and how to improve and maintain it.
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