Career Coaching

Career Coaching

At One Small Step we offer a holistic approach to Career Coaching. We look at your strengths and the areas that need improvement and help you create the advantages and opportunities that will bring you closer to your ideal career. We do this in many ways including addressing any confidence or self esteem issues that you might have, focusing on your strengths and building upon them. We will give you the advice and guidance you need to become positive, motivated and confident when it comes to interviews and also creating a healthy work/life balance. We will be there to help you on the new road to your new career.

How We Can Help

  • CV Assessment
  • Job Interview Training
  • Job Coaching
  • Communication/People Skills

CV Assessment

Your CV needs to deliver one simple message “I’m the very best person for this job”. More often than not this doesn’t happen, and the same tired resume passes through countless hands without any success. At One Small Step we will help you focus on what your CV says about you as a person, your skills and motivation and why your particular application should be given serious attention and consideration. We can advise you on how to tailor your CV for different jobs and positions, helping you succeed at the application stage and getting you that all important interview!


Job Interview Training

For many people an upcoming Job Interview can set the nerves jangling! Both confidence and self-belief will settle those nerves and at One Small Step we will give you the preparation and training you need. We will focus on all the key areas including making a successful first impression, improving your communication skills, nerves; and how to handle them! And we can help you with the skills you need to make your motivation and suitability for the position both clear and convincing for the interviewer.

Job Coaching

Job Coaching

If you are trying to re-enter the workforce or are thinking of a career change; we are here to help you. We will identify your strongest areas and those that can be improved; and set you targets and goals specific to your needs and aspirations. As your Job Coach, we will be there to make sure you achieve your goals by helping you identify and develop the career related and personal skills you need. We will give you advice and guidance in all the necessary areas, making your journey less stressful and improving your opportunities at success.

People Skills

Communication/People Skills

Effective and clear communication is essential to succeed in both your personal and work life. One Small Step will enable you to develop and improve all aspects of your communication and inter-personal skills, offering clarity, comprehension and empathy as both a communicator and a listener. We will help you develop the communication skills that are essential for social bonding, teamwork, lateral and logical thinking, problem solving, management, self confidence and personal development.

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