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Remember the past

We all have a past but it is all too easy to get stuck.  We lose focus and have no idea on how to move forward or if we even really want to move forward.  Sometimes it feels like we should just stay safe, not take chances, why rock the boat, but in the back…
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Take one small step

It is sometimes very difficult to picture yourself moving forward with so much negativity around you. Just remember that those people are standing still and are unhappy. Dust that negativity off your shoulders and take the next step towards your goal, it doesn't matter how small that step is as long as you take it.
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Is a perfect life achievable?

Most of us have sat and thought about how perfect our lives would be if....... well maybe your if is achievable, it could be within your grasp. I am not talking about winning the lottery but the more realistic things like setting up your own business, changing careers, achieving a work/home life balance, trying to…
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